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Store manager seeing more shoplifters

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

February 6, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As many people have a hard time paying for things they need, some are turning shoplifting.

Some store managers say they're seeing more shoplifters than in the past.

Laconyea Lynn has been the manager at Fred's going on ten years.

"We'll have a lot of tags that are ripped off of the merchandise," said Lynn.

The manager said shoplifters have been busy stealing seemingly anything they can find on store shelf.

"It has been happening quite often now," said Lynn.

Lynn said they can do little to stop them, but call police and rely on the security system.

"Appliances, radios, VCR's, DVD combos, they come in with big bags that's what they use to put the items in," said Lynn

An employee cleaning the store found two boxes with radios had been open and parts taken out.

"It's a $69 set, and that's two of them right there," said Lynn.

"Medicine, air refreshers from some odd reason, some of the clothing items, and personal hygiene items," said Lynn

We walked around the store and found some empty packages. Even a pack of diapers were open, some seemingly taken out.

And other stores aren't immune, on Friday cops pulled up to K-Mart in response to at least two people stealing from that store.

Lynn said she doesn't necessarily blame it on the economy, but contends there is no excuse for stealing.

"It's kid of hard for people to get by day to day, but it's no excuse for stealing," said Lynn.

Albany Police investigated 28-cases back in September just as the economy really began to suffer.

The numbers spiked to nearly 50 in October and 69 in November.

There were 47 and 44 cases reported in December and January.


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