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Dooly judge reprimanded for bad behavior

October 21, 2002

Dooly County-- A Dooly County Probate Judge is publicly reprimanded for bad behavior during a routine traffic stop. Judge Dwayne Forehand remained silent while a short statement from the Judicial Qualifications Commission was read aloud in court.

The commission, which polices the judicial arm in Georgia, admonished the long-time judge for hitting a cop more than three years ago.

Visiting Judge George Nunn says, "For your conduct, you are hereby publicly reprimanded."

April 18, 1999, a police car video camera caught this violent exchange between Probate Judge Dwayne Forehand and a Jones County deputy. It happened during a traffic stop and more than three years after the incident, the judge was scolded in the court he serves.

Judge Nunn says, "The public expects and the code of conduct demands that judges be held to high standards of ethical conduct in discharging responsibility of a judge."

Forehand says, "I don't think it will have that big of a deal, it might, time will tell." Judge Forehand does not think the incident has tarnished his reputation, and does not regret his actions that night. Forehand says, "I don't regret the night, no, because the only thing I did was defend myself at that time."

Forehand contends he was acting in self-defense, still the Judge pled no contest to the charges, serving community service and giving a public apology.

According to the Code of Judicial Conduct, Forehand violated two canons.

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