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More Scams being seen in South Georgia

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A warning to be on the lookout for scams.

Prosecutors say con artists are more active than ever, looking to prey on people desperate for cash during the recession.

One Albany woman answered an Internet ad from a Mystery Shopper company.

She figured out it was a scam before she lost any money.  But now she's being bombarded with other ripoff attempts.

Christine Arthur shows us her check for $3780.50 she received when she applied for a job on the Internet.  Arthur said "I had actually applied for this shadow shopper mystery shopper on line."

Like many people on a fixed income, Arthur was hoping to earn some extra money. But she recognized this was a scam right away. The letter with the check from a Dallas Company said deposit the check and then wire most of it to two people in New York. She knew the check was a fake, so she never cashed it. But now she is being beseiged with come ons.

 Arthur said "Yea, lots. Lots more. Everyday. 3 days ago I had about 30 of these on my Internet. They just don't seem to quit. And they keep coming through the mail and coming through the mail."

District Attorney Greg Edwards says his office is receiving calls from scam victims daily. People hurting for money falling victim to these easy money scams.

Edwards said "Unfortunately if even a small percentage of people falls for these things it keeps these guys in business."

Arthur looks through today's e-mails, telling her she won several sweepstakes and overseas lotteries.

 Arthur said "Landrover Automobiles. From the United Kingdom. I just got this one this morning. Official notification, prize winners of $500,000."

Arthur says she thinks giving that Mystery Shopper group her address has set her up to receive dozens of these scam letters and e-mails everyday, and wants to warn others not to fall for these cons.

Arthur said "Whatever you do don't answer don't answer them."

Arthur and the District Attorney both warn South Georgians, these scams are getting more numerous and better quality everyday. So just delete them, or throw them away.

The District Attorney says if you want to print off some of these scams and drop them by his office.  He will investigate them and turn them over to Federal Authorities.  But you should not respond to any of them.


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