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Morning blaze forces Albany man out of his home

October 20, 2002

Albany- David Wright has lived at 2801 Hawthorne Avenue for five years. Around three o'clock Sunday morning, he woke up as smoke and fire engulfing his home.

Wright's living room was destroyed from the floor to the chandelier. Only charred walls covered in black dust remain, along with a table filled with old bills, and an "I love America" pin.

Wright says the hardest thing to lose was a sofa he bought when his wife, Ruth was still alive. Wright says he was issued a search warrant, and he says he thinks investigators think he started the blaze.

Investigators say they do not know what caused the fire and would not comment on whether or not they believe Wright started the blaze

Police and fire officials are still investigating. David Wright wasn't injured in the blaze. Wright says he will stay in a hotel until his home is repaired completely.

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