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Promotional codes will save you money

February 5, 2009

Today, people searching for bargains are willing to try just about anything. 

One popular place to shop is the Internet where a little knowledge can save you a bundle; especially if that information knocks off the price for that next camera or pair of shoes. 

But how do you get it? 

You have to know the code. 

"It might be a scrambled number or a number of different letters put together," said Lenka Keston of

Those scrambled numbers and letters may not look like much, but they can save you a bundle.

"So you've probably seen that last page at the check out, and there's that little box that you don't know what to put in there.  The promotional code goes right in there," Keston said.

And once it's in there, you'll get money off shipping, off the total order, or just on that particular item.

"The retailers themselves are the ones that create the codes, we're here to help consumers take advantage of those and really make the most of their dollars spent online," said Keston.

Keston collects those codes for a website called 

They're the coupons for the Internet age and before you buy anything online it's worth your while to see if there is a code out there.

"They might have a discount that applies sire-wide and everything on their site and everything on their site is discounted.  In other cases, like you said, it might be a really specific offer.  A specific computer or watch, something that they're trying to blow out," said Keston.

It could be a department store, could be a computer, it could be a book. 

For instance, this one sells for $22.00 online, but when you use the coupon code it knocks off $4.40 all from a few letters and numbers. 

Are people using these codes?

"We've actually seen an increase of almost 120 percent in just the last few months," said Keston.

Sometimes there's one for that item you're buying, sometimes there's not. 

But you should never buy anything online without searching for one. is just one of the sites to find the codes or just type 'promo codes' in Google. 

It doesn't take much time and it is worth every penny.

For more information, click here.


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