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South Georgians gear up for car show

October 19, 2002

Albany- When you think of nice cars, most people picture new vehicles, but for some South Georgians classics are more their speed.

"Two of the most active members in the club are both into their seventies. We've got folks of all ages and all incomes categories. You name it we've got it," says Artesian Car Club member Dave Aumsbaugh.

Cecil Gamble is banking on his 1955 Chevrolet to win it all. "Just in parts with out labor I got $37,738 to be exact," admits Contestant Cecil Gamble.

He's spent three years and thousands of dollars restoring a car he bought for only nine hundred dollars. "It was a total wreck. It was in the swamp in the woods, and I had to have a wrecker come in, and I actually had to get inside with a chain saw," adds Gamble.

Now the restored Chevy is better than new. Gamble has added new interior and even a six disk compact disk player. "It's been completely reworked. It's all chrome, even the little bolts," describes Gamble.

He even brought his special cleaning products to the show, so that he can wipe away any dirt on the car before judging begins. Though he put so much into the car it didn't win the Best in Show award this year.

"I didn't get it, but everyone had a good time," says Gamble. He says he won't let one loss ruin his spirit; he plans to enter another contest next week.

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