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Getting 'Jiggy' with it

October 18, 2002

VIENNA - Eight-year-old Caitlyn and ten-year-old Marissa keep a close eye on dad as he skins what they hope will be a prize winning pig.

 "It's fun," Marissa Fromm says. The Fromms, of Columbus, Mississippi are currently third in the World barbecue point standings, hoping a little extra effort will help them steal at least one of three competitions from the current points leader.

"I beat him in ribs here last year," Bill Fromm brags.

The man teams go hog wild when they beat, the leader of Jack's Old South, from Vienna Georgia. He started competing in 1996.

"Doing good makes people want to try sauces, I took 1st and 2nd and I was hooked," Myron Mixon said.

Doing well in competitions like the Big Pig Jig, led Mixon to open up his own restaurant in downtown Vienna. Inside the restaurant are more than 60 trophies, and two world championship banners. But for Mixon, one competition matters most.

"Little more pressure being world championship team of the year, lot of people know me that come to the restaurant, and expect me to win." Mixon said.

"I can't win them all, but would love to win this one for them."

But 120 other teams want the trophy too, including the Mississippi girls who will be watching their hog over the slow cooker for the next 20 hours. Winners in the three categories, ribs, shoulders, and whole hog each receive a $1,000 prize.

Eating some world class barbecue is one reason to go to Vienna's Big Pig Jig , but there's plenty more to do there. Friday night, The Will Seabrook Band will perform. Saturday night you can hear Newnan country star Doug Stone.

 There is also a carnival, games, and helicopter rides. Some other highlights include Saturday morning's Hog Jog 5K race, and the hog calling contest at 5. Tickets are $8.


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