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More arrests are made in Valdosta drug ring

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

February 3, 2009

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Since fall, home invasions have been on the rise in Valdosta.  These crimes caused panic, as people wondered what to do if they were targeted.  

After arresting four men for burglary last week, Valdosta police have arrested three more today. These latest arrests were for a burglary that took place on the busy 700 block of Baytree Drive back in October.  This home invasion, like the others, was drug related.  Marijuana and cash were taken from that house.

Police say this crime is related to another home invasion that occurred on Jerry Jones Drive last fall.  In the three arrests made, Wiley Reynolds III is charged with burglary, assault, and armed robbery. Justin Emanuel Brown, already charged with robbing Hooters January 10th, was also charged.  Police say Darius Jarod Sherman confessed to robbing both the Baytree and Jerry Jones residence.

The fourth suspect, Dretwan Xavier Taylor is still at large.

Police say this crime ring involved people who knew one another and that even some of the victims played a role in the crime. "If you call us and make a false allegation of a crime, you're going to jail. Bottom Line. We're not going to tolerate that, and quite honestly, we're tired of it," says Commander Brian Childress. 

While citizens have been shaken by the rise in crime, police assure the public that this series of burglaries was committed by people who knew those they were targeting.


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