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Utility trailers stolen in Dougherty and Lee County

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

February 3, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty and Lee County Sheriff's are warning utility trailer owners to move them away from driveways and chain them up securely.

At least 18-utility trailers have been stolen from Dougherty and Lee County homes and businesses in the last month.

Investigators from both counties are working together because they think most of the crimes could be the work of one gang.

Ruffin Beaty knows he is lucky to have his utility trailer back. The trailer with about $8000 worth of lawn equipment was stolen Sunday morning from his home. Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies found it about 1 AM Monday parked at the Cleve Cox Landing,with most of the equipment still on it.

Sheriff's Investigators say they know of at least 6 stolen trailer reports in Dougherty County. Lee County is looking into more than a dozen thefts since December.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals said "They all vary in different sizes. They are just picking them by random. They seem to be just going in people's yards and hooking up to them and riding off with them."

Monday morning JVS Associates discovered their flatbed trailer missing from their office on West Oakridge. Investigators say both home owners and businesses have had trailers stolen. And they say the thieves don't seem to care what's on the trailer.

Sheriff Rachals said "They stole trailers that even had limbs and stuff on them where people were cleaning their property from, and getting ready to haul off. And they hook up to them and take off themselves."

Investigators say many of the trailers were not locked up, and they warn owners to take precautions to not become the next victim.

Sheriff Rachals said "Secure them in the backyard where you have a fence maybe. Or chain them to a tree and lock them up."

Sheriff Rachals said stolen trailers are sometimes hard to identify, and easy to sell. Investigators warn that if you are offered a deal too good to be true on a trailer, it probably is, and not take a chance on buying stolen property.

If you have any information on utility trailers that might have been stolen

give the Lee County Sheriff's Office a call at 759-6034.

Or the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office at 431-3222.


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