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Severe Weather Awareness Week begins February 1

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

February 1, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - February 1st marks the first day of Severe Weather Awareness week in our state.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency is trying to make sure you're prepared for any severe weather that heads our way this year.

Their message is simple, plan, prepare, and stay informed.

"It's best to be prepared and get ready before it gets here," said Jennifer Patterson, Lowe's Home Improvement.

Over the next seven days state emergency officials wants you to plan for a major weather-related disaster.

Melinda Saber and her family are more prepared than most.

"I teach emergency disaster preparedness at Albany High School," said Saber.

And from time to time south Georgia does get a taste of nature's fury.

"We're just a crock pot of everything we can get a tornado one week and hurricane force winds the next," said Saber.

During winter storms, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes, it may take emergency workers 72 hours or more to reach certain areas in order to open roadways and restore utilities.

The benefit of being self-sufficient for 72 hours, or longer, is that residents can survive circumstances that might otherwise be tragic if not prepared. 

"Your whole family needs to be on the same page know where to meet, have cash on you," said Saber

Food which won't spoil, a gallon of water per person for 72 hours and a first-aid kit are must haves.

"When the weather is getting ready to hit we'll have the generators in the main isle, we have gas cans, everything you need that is storm related we'll keep that in the middle isle," said Patterson.

As stores do what they can to help you, you must first prepare your family.

You should plan and prepare now, so when severe weather hits all you have to do is stay informed.

To help Georgians get started, GEMA's Ready Georgia, a statewide emergency preparedness campaign offers the necessary tools that you need to make an emergency supply kit.

For more information click here.

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