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Bush campaigns for Georgia GOP

October 17, 2002

(Atlanta-AP) -- Georgia Republicans were still counting the cash after a fund-raiser with President Bush, but estimated the take at between $750,000 and $900,000.

State GOP Chairman Ralph Reed said,  "We think this is going to be a booster rocket going into the final days of the campaign." The money will be divided several ways, with a portion going to the GOP's gubernatorial candidate, Sonny Purdue, some going to Senate candidate Saxby Chambliss and another part going to the Republican Party for coordinated advertising on behalf of all Republicans.

Bush never mentioned the two major Democratic candidates -- Governor Barnes and Senator Max Cleland -- by name, but he referred to political ads both have aired using his picture. Bush said, "A couple of citizens from this great state told me my picture seems to be on the TV screen a lot, that a lot of people are using my image during the campaign. Well, I am here to clarify a few things."

Bush spoke to donors at a downtown hotel where he was joined by Perdue and Chambliss. Both men had flown with him from Washington on Air Force One.

The Perdue campaign had just $450,000 in its treasury at the end of last month, compared with Barnes' $7.5 million. According to reports filed this week, Chambliss has more cash in the bank, $1.76 million, to Cleland's total of just over $203,000.

Cleland spokesman Jamal Simmons said the campaign had already paid for its remaining television ads leading up to November fifth.


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