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Two killed in Early County wreck

October 17, 2002

Early County--  It's a wreck that's shocked the small South Georgia town of Blakely.

Two neighbors were killed on a road that before Thursday, was best known as the path to the Kolomoki Mounds. 14-year old Tom Hall and 63-year old Fred Hughes were killed, and four more people were hurt.

A burned out van, a twisted front end of a Ford Ranger, and a four wheeler, are all pieces of evidence as to what killed 14-year old Tom Hall and 63-year old Fred Hughes.

"I don't think anybody knows what happened," neighbor Ruth Sims said.

But investigators, marking tire tracks, burn patterns, and skid marks are making their best guess. They say Hall was attempting to load his four wheeler into the Ford Ranger, parked facing traffic. That's when the van came down the road and crashed into it.

"The blue Firebird came right up against the van and hit it right there in the back," Sam Robinson said. He spent seven hours at the scene Wednesday night, towing away four vehicles, and watching along with many others as three members of Hughes family and the man who was helping Hall with the four wheeler were all taken to a Dothan Hospital.

"People lined up on right side of the road for a half mile," Robinson said.

Among them, were Second Kolomoki Road neighbors, like Sims. "I didn't sleep at all, him and my grandson were good friends," she said.

Early County teachers and coaches also gathered. Hall's parents, are an elementary school assistant principal and librarian. Tom Hall is a freshman, his first year on the football team.

"Hard to put in words, he probably had a good future playing for us, but he had a tremendous future in whatever he did, he was just that kind of kid," Coach Trey Woolf said.

Everyone in the community is left with questions. Who was to blame for the wreck? The parked truck, or van that veered to far to the right? Plus, how classmates will react when they return to school from fall break on Monday?

Thursday's J-V football game against Pelham was cancelled. Friday night's Varsity game at home against Mitchell Baker will be played. Tom Hall will be buried Friday afternoon.

Ellen Hughes is still in critical condition. Michael Howard is listed as guarded. The investigation into the wreck is expected to continue through the weekend.


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