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Roundup your rattlesnakes and head to Whigham!

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

January 30, 2009

WHIGHAM, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of rattlesnakes and thousands of people will gather in Whigham Saturday for the 49th annual Rattlesnake Roundup.

Friday vendors and snake handlers were busy preparing for the day that brings in about $20,000 for the community.

Whigham's Rattlesnake roundup draws in on average 15,000 people, a dream crowd for vendor Clayton Singletary who's banking on good weather and cheap admission to draw in the crowds.

"It's Saturday, the sun is shining, if you're going to spend a dollar that's the day to do it," he said.

And a dollar will go, prizes, vendors and of course hundreds of slithery reptiles.

"We just use this as a drawing card to bring people to our community and try to raise a little money to be used in our community," said Snake Ring Coordinator Berry Strickland.

Typically the roundup rakes in about $20, 000. A substantial amount for a community of only 600 people.

"That money will be used back in the community, primarily in the youth type programs, mostly in the schools," said Strickland.

People from all over the nation, even overseas have made the trip to the rattlesnake roundup grounds.

And of course the biggest draw is the snake shows where you get to learn some fun facts about the creatures many love to hate.

"A typical rattlesnake will not be longer than 6 feet long and 2/3 of its body length is the absolute max it can strike. So if you are more then 4 feet away from a snake you are safe," he said.

Snake handlers say if you are ever bit by a rattlesnake, never try to treat it yourself. Get to a hospital and get professional help immediately. Feedback

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