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Reed Bingham Park celebrates bald eagle hatchlings

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

January 30, 2009

COOK COUNTY, GA (WALB) -  For the fourth consecutive year, a pair of bald eagles at Reed Bingham State Park have successfully hatched their eggs.

"This eagle nest is the only nest on a GA State Park or historic site in the whole state," notes Park Manager Chet Powell.

While park workers can't yet see the babies heads poking out of the nest, the female is showing sure signs that the hatchlings have arrived.  "It makes me very happy to see that they're being successful. They're not just laying eggs and losing them--they're able to raise their young," says Reed Bingham's Interpretive Ranger, Jennifer Glover.

When park managers approach the nest, the female takes off for safety.  Because she stays off of the nest, she makes it clear that she no longer has eggs to keep warm.  "We see dad bringing in food every now and then," adds Glover.

Typically, a female eagle lays between one to three eggs.  Once babies hatch, they grow so rapidly that they reach full size in just 12 weeks.  Since the young grow so quickly, park visitors should be able to seem them very soon.

This comes as good news, as a dead eagle was recently found dead in Cook County.  An autopsy is being performed to see if criminal activity was involved.  Powell explains why an accident is especially bad at this time of year, saying, "If it was a male bald eagle, with the females sitting on eggs right now or some of the chicks like ours have hatched, that means their food source for the mother and chicks is gone."

As for the eagles at Reed Bingham, park workers believe they will continue to live and breed  among their trees for years to come.


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