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Girl recovering from lung transplant

October 16, 2002

LEE CO.- A Lee County girl is back home and doing well after a lifesaving double lung transplant. 

11-year old Victoria Doolittle had the transplant less than eight weeks ago at Shands Hospital in Florida. It was the only thing that could cure the primary pulmonary hypertension that kept her on a respirator and forced her to use a wheelchair.

Now she's breathing on her own and able to do many of the things she enjoyed two years ago before being diagnosed with the rare disease.

"I can breathe much easier now, have faith and god, that my lungs are doing great," Victoria said.

"I don't think people realize gift they're giving you (by donating)", her mother Gelene said. "The donor allowed our child to live."

Victoria can't go to school right now because her new lungs are more succeptible to infection. But she's looking forward to going back early next year.

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