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Thriving in Moultrie

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By Jay Polk - bio | email

January 28, 2009

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Moultrie.  Here too the storm clouds have gathered.

Like other cities in Georgia and around the country, Moultrie's economy has been caught up in an economic storm. But one downtown business seems to have found a pretty good umbrella.

"I own a quilting shop. We sell fabrics and supplies for quilters," Ssaid Suzanne Leimer of Quilts by Suzanne.

So how is her business?

"It's been good. We were up last month. We were up at the end of last year from the previous year," said Leimer.

And her sales are not just from locals.

"They came today (Wednesday) from West Palm Beach. And they also came from Atlanta," said Leimer.

But Moultrie is not recession proof. Some businesses have struggled, and there are empty storefronts here too. And some of the downtown business owners that we talked to said that their sales are down this year. But a few miles away, things seem to be going in one direction - up.

"While downtown Moultrie businesses are doing OK, the bulk of the development is occurring along the highway."

Just like in other cities, the development seems to follow the path of the highway. Construction crews are busy building new businesses to accommodate all of the traffic.

And if the much discussed expansion of Highway 133 is approved and built, traffic is expected to pick up even more. But Suzanne seems to prefer the small town charm of downtown.

"And I love looking at the Courthouse every day, the people that come in and see us and the friendships we're making," she said.

So she'll stay in town, and try to sew up new business for her shop.