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Time to get that flu shot

October 16, 2002

Albany -- It's time to get your flu shots. The last two years, some of you had a hard time getting a flu shot because of a national vaccine shortage. This year that will not be a problem. There is an ample supply of flu vaccine.

And you are being urged to be immunized now, as the first signs of cool weather and the coming flu season are felt in South Georgia.

Nellie Kimbro at the Health Department for her flu shot. Nellie Kimbro said "I haven't a real bad cold in a long time, and I hope this keeps me from having one."

Health organizations are urging everyone to get a flu shot, especially senior citizens and those who could be at high risk. Immunization Coordinator Suzette Profit said "Especially for children receiving it for the first time. Because they have to come back 30 days from the initial dose and get a second dose . And that way they will be covered for the peak."

Last winter was a very mild one for flu outbreaks in South Georgia, and health officials say more people getting flu shots, and their effectiveness were the reasons why.

Profit said "We gave a tremendous number of flu vaccines last year, and we did not hear of many cases of the flu."

In an average flu season, 20,000 Americans die and 110,000 are hospitalized because of complications from the flu. Nellie Kimbro leaves the Health Department feeling more confident as flu season approaches.

Flu shots are available at the Dougherty County Health Department from 7:30 AM until 4:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Tuesday and Thursday. The cost of the flu shot is $15.00.


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