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Lee commissioners say yes to Grand Island study, truck route ordinance

By Len Kiese - bio | email

January 27, 2009

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - The future of Grand Island Golf Course is once again in question. Lee County leaders made two moves Tuesday night that will help them decide its fate.

First commissioners removed the current members of the Parks and Recreation Authority and replaced them with themselves. Commissioners say that will give them more insight into Grand Island's operations and finances.

Then they voted to conduct a two-phase study to determine the development potential for the course and analyze the value of keeping the golf facility as is. "We want to know one thing--if we happen to have to close Grand Island and sell the land, we want to know the commercial development opportunities are," said Lee County Commission Chairman Ed Duffy.

The study will cost about $27,000.

Truck drivers will now have to steer clear of certain roads in Lee County. Commissioner Dennis Roland says a lot of big rig drivers take shortcuts that damage county roads and cause safety issues.

Commissioners unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits trucks on 27-Lee County Roads including Armena, New York and Chokee. Signs will be posted alerting drivers of the change. Drivers picking up goods or making deliveries are exempt from the ordinance.

Lee County won't get a weather warning system, at least not right now. Commissioners considered a code red reverse 911 system to alert people of dangerous weather or other emergencies.

A FEMA grant would have paid half the first year's cost of about $23,000. County leaders decided they can't afford the remaining cost. "The main reason we decided not to get the reverse 911 system at this time is because we're really crunching our dollars and we need to save at this time as much as we can," said Commissioner Betty Johnson.

Commissioners say they'll consider the code red system in the future. They'd have to re-apply for the grant money.


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