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Are you taking care of your pet?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

January 27, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Another area where people are cutting costs is in pet health care and there are concerns that animals aren't being properly vaccinated. While that doesn't appear to be the case in Albany, Vets say some owners are cutting back on optional treatments and tests.

Dr. Trey Newell says if a Vet recommends a test or a treatment, though, pet owners should think twice before turning it down. He says the top priority should always be the health of the pet.

Dr. Newell said, "Prevention is cheaper than treatment and that dog is going to help you through this crisis. That animal is there to love you. He's going to love you and help you through these tough times, so give him the same treatment you would give your children. He's there to help you, he loves you unconditionally, so you don't want to skimp out on his treatment."

If you can't afford a treatment for your pet, ask your Veterinarian about payment plans. Many are willing to work with you.  Also, pet insurance can help with your bills.


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