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Lee County schools open doors to the community

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

January 27, 2008

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - One by one, the group got off a school bus and through the doors of Lee Primary School, just like the 6,200 students who attend Lee County schools do every weekday.

"Unfortunately unless they have children attending our schools, many of them have not been in many of our building in years," said Lee County Superintendent, Dr. Lawrence Walters.

And this tour was the school systems way to change this. "We want to tell our story, and we want them to tell us if they have concerns or issues," said Dr. Walters.

The group of local government officials, business men and women and retirees wondered through hallways and into classrooms to see their tax dollars at work.

"The school system is the largest employer in Lee County. We are the largest user of tax payers dollars and it's times like this when the economy is down that dollars become scarce. And we want Lee County to know what is going on in their schools and know it is good."

Last year the Lee County system collected about 12.7 million dollars in ad valorem taxes and about 3.6 million in sales tax money. But this tour was about more than just dollars and cents. It was about opening the doorway of communication.

"Especially parents and just anybody involved in the community. It's good to know your schools," said Lee County Public Librarian, Abby Phillips.

"When the entire community unites: the business community, the taxpayers, the schools; the ones who benefit are the students," said Dr. Walters. And as the students benefit, the overall community of improves."

Lee County's Superintendent, Dr. Lawrence Walters, said Tuesday mornings tour was a success. And he plans to hold other community tours in the future.


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