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Consolidation study gets the go ahead

October 15, 2002

Albany - Albany leaders take the first step toward consolidating the city and county government. Commissioners unanimously decided to ask legislators to create a 9 member committee to study the pros and cons of consolidation.

That could slow down talk of combining the county police and sheriff's departments. "Government consolidation changes everything," said DC Assistant Police Chief Jeremy French. "If this passes, Albany Police Department would be thrown into the mix."

"The talk of government consolidation puts the Sheriff's Department-DCP unification on the back burner, lessening the threat of job losses here at the DCP," said French. Right now, city leaders won't even talk about what could happen to the county police if the city and county combine.

"You can't say your for or against consolidation until you see how it will effect public safety, public works, and the rest of the departments," said Mayor Tommy Coleman.

Three people who live in Albany, three from the county, and three legislators will make up the committee to study the consolidation. Tuesday's vote to establish a study committee won't be official until the commission approves the resolution at its regular monthly meeting next Tuesday.

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