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Wash your hands, cut the spread of germs

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

January 26, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you haven't had a cold or a flu recently, consider yourself lucky. Those illnesses are spreading, but you can protect yourself by washing your hands. That's a message nurses in Dougherty County schools are trying to get across to students.

When you can't wash your hands, try hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of germs.

Through Phoebe Putney's Network of trust and the donation of equipment by Fulton Paper Company, hand sanitizers have now been installed in all 27 Dougherty County schools.

5th Grade Student Rachael Cooper said, "I learned today about germs is that they can be spread like all many different kinds of ways and that they are very harmful."

Dr. Doug Patten said,  "Hand hygiene is one of the simplest ways that we can do something, hopefully, that will help keep them from catching severe colds and flue and keeps them in school more. The less they miss school, the more they learn. The more they learn, the more successful they'll be."

Asst. Superintendent Carlos Keith said, "Kids have to be in school to learn and if they're not sick and they're in school, then they're improving academically."

And remember, when washing your hands, wash for 15 seconds with warm soapy water.


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