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Oxendine identifies peanut fire cause

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

January  , 2009

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - That Sylvester Peanut warehouse fire last week was caused by welders working on renovations to the building.

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John Oxendine says it was an accident, and there will be no criminal charges.

Welders working on the third floor of the shop building at Sylvester's Farm Commodities Peanut Warehouse Tuesday afternoon created sparks.

The welders ran out of fuel and left early, not knowing the sparks were smoldering. 

"The building was unattended, and we believe some of those sparks while no one was there to watch it continued to grow and grow until we obviously had the devastating fire," said John Oxendine, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

No one was injured, but the building and all the peanuts inside it were a complete loss.

Officials estimate the damage at one and a half million dollars.


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