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10 Country: Sylvester’s Art Show

October 15, 2002

Sylvester- Small towns often find it hard to bring art exhibits, unless you live where you can see one at the corner of a busy highway.

Often we’re in too big of a hurry to notice colorful creations that can appear almost out of nowhere. Many people probably miss an art show at the corner of Ayers Street and Highway 82 in Sylvester. “This is an experiment,” admits Florence Rivers.

The Rivers and Lumpkin families decided to show their love for the United States with a patriotic display, with uncommon art materials, that brought them something they were not looking for. “We were not looking for attention,” Florence says.

Thirteen-year-old Gregory Rivers had the idea of using colorful plastic drinking cups. “I was returning from Florida where I saw soda cans soda cans spray painted and put in a fence,” Gregory told me.

He had a better idea. His grandmother wasn’t so sure, but was willing to give it a try under certain conditions. At first they did not know how old, plastic drinking cups would work out. So, they decided to start on their back fence.

“We started on the end, at night,” Florence said. “She was out there working on it, and I was really amazed.” said Ruth Allen.

Gregory’s grandmother liked what she saw, and it was time to make their main street debut. Now, Gregory had to come up with words to fit more chain 45 feet of chain link fence space, almost three times what he had to fill the first time.

Then, something unexpected happened in their art world. “We gave out of cups.” Florence said. And they had to come up with creative solution fast. “That’s why we used the Styrofoam cups there.”

Regular Styrofoam cups, and they worked. Hours of creative effort saved by another form of creativity.  They are on the creative road, with 345 plastic cups and common, chain link fencing. used artistically.

Now they're thinking about their next piece of original artwork.

The Georgia Department of Transportation estimates more than 21,000 cars pass their unconventional art show every day.

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