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GBI report says ADDU agent shot himself

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

January 23, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Surprising details in that police chase and shooting in Albany.

That Albany Drug Agent who was shot in the shoulder, shot himself.

We now know that as Officer Mark Farley struggled with the driver of a speeding car, he pulled his gun and fired 11 shots. Eight of those bullets hit the driver, 43 year old Clayton Lewis. One of the bullets hit Agent Farley in the shoulder.

Investigators still aren't sure how a 45 caliber semi automatic gun ended up along the highway. They say the gun belonged to Clayton Lewis. It was found a half mile away in the median..unloaded. The clip and bullets were in a console of the car.

The Drug Squad leaders talked to reporters  about the GBI findings

A GBI report outlines the events that led up to the death of Clayton Lewis.

After a tip that Lewis was dealing drugs at the Dollar Inn on Slappey drug agents pulled him over.

 Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek, reading verbatim the GBI synopsis, said "Officers ask Lewis to get out of the vehicle. He refuses. And as officers reach in to get the keys a struggle ensues. Farley gets in the back seat to help, and as he enters Lewis gets vehicle in drive and rapidly pulls away, running over Officer Chu's foot."

Investigators say Farley had his arm around Lewis' neck trying to force him to stop, when Lewis pulled a gun.

Cheek read "Lewis pulls a .45 caliber Hi-point automatic from the console between the seats. Farley fires a series of shots, then Lewis attempts to bring the weapon back up, Farley fires a second series."

Farley fired 11 times, hitting Lewis 8 times, killing him. One of the bullets hit Farley in his left arm. Lewis' gun was found a half mile from where the car stopped. It was not loaded and testing revealed it had not been fired during the incident.

What investigators cannot explain is how the gun got there.

District Attorney Greg Edwards, who is on the review board, will call in an independent prosecutor from the Attorney General's office to check the investigation.

Edwards said "And a determination made if anything needs to be addressed in terms of any further legal action."

ADDU Review board members say the GBI still has the videotape from the officer's dashcam of the traffic stop and chase, and will release it when it is returned to them.

Agent Vy Chu, whose foot was run over by Lewis' car, suffered only bruises, and has already returned to work in an administrative duty while the Investigation continues. Agent Farley is expected to make a full recovery from his wound.


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