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Law Officers pistol training

October 14, 2002

Albany -- Dougherty County Sheriff's Officers practiced "action shooting" at the target range Monday afternoon. The officers trained for different challenges they might face in a shoot out situation. Dougherty County Sheriff's officers doing their quarterly firearms training.

Training supervisor Captain John Ostrander said "It's like a carpenter who does not know how to use his hammer. The gun is one of our tools and we want to be able to use it as efficiently as possible."

The officer has to run the course against the clock. Instructors teaching them to how to stay alive in the worst situations.

 Captain Kevin Sproul said "You always hope if you get in a situation, the men or women who arrive to back you up are well trained to be able to handle any situation that might arise."

 Deputy Candy Spillers said "This will definitely help out. This is much more realistic."

The Sheriff's officers come to the training range 4 times a year, to stay ready in case they ever have to draw their weapon for real on the streets.

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Department is one of the few law enforcement agencies in Southwest Georgia that has it's own full time training staff.

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