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Sparks residents refuse consolidation

October 14, 2002

Sparks - Folks in Sparks are outraged at the idea of consolidating government with the neighboring town of Adel.

"I established my business here, not in Adel, for a reason," said Eric Roundtree, Concerned Resident. "They have their own town, and we have our own."

Sparks residents say two council members, who were unavailable for comment, approached city officials in Adel about the consolidation without even notifying the Sparks townspeople.

"This consolidation was conducted in the wrong manner," said Archie Norris. "They should have had a public hearing or something, because we're completely in the dark."

Long time Sparks residents say consolidation with Adel would destroy the town's heritage and independence.

"It's a great community with a lot of history, and we want to keep it the town it was over 100 years ago," said Tom Skinner.

But they say one good thing has come from this disagreement - the community has unified and is more determined than ever to protect the town they like to call their own personal Mayberry.

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