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Fry lady ranks high with middle school students

October 14, 2002

Albany--When you think of french fries, fast food comes to mind. Whether its Wendy's, McDonald's or Burger King, everyone has a favorite fast food restaurant for french fries.We found one place that serves up the tasty treat to more than 800 people everyday, and happy customers say their fries are with the best.

Fry lady Gloria Russell says, "All kids love french fries." Meet the fry lady. Russell says, "They say thank you. Sometimes they say they don't have enough they want more--especially the french fries. You can never give enough french fries." Gloria serves up french fries three times a week to hundreds of hungry kids, "When we get to the food prep that will be served in the line, we have it in the warmer to keep it at a certain temperature, we can still serve it cause it's still warm at the right temperature."

Gloria says the fries go pretty fast, "Sometimes we can't keep up with them. We have the lady back there frying them and we have to holler 'french fries!!'" Eighth grader Keon Rivers says Gloria's fries are good today. Keon has been eating Gloria's french fries for three years at the cafeteria at Merry Acres Middle School and gives her handiwork a third place ranking, "It would be in the middle of Burger King and McDonald's." High marks that would make the fry lady proud.

Gloria Russell has been making french fries at Merry Acres Middle School for four years. Community leaders will work in lunchrooms all week as part of National School Lunch week.

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