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Albany restaurant offers Inauguration deals

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

January 20, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Time stood still Tuesday as millions of people stopped what they were doing to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama. Whether in schools, office, bars or restaurants, people were glued to their television sets. An Albany restaurant owner treated his customers to special Inauguration deals.

As a young boy growing up on a plantation, Joseph Miller, Jr. never imagined a black man could become president. "I couldn't imagine something like this happening, now it's happening."

And he's says Barack Obama is the right man for the nation's top job. "I feel like at this time we need a leader and I feel like he's the chosen one to lead us."

Miller and his wife Willie joined friends at Shabazz restaurant to watch a moment in time they will always remember.  She said, "It's a very historic moment so it will never be forgotten."

Customer Sheqela Butler came to Shabazz for the hot food, but instead had cold chills race down her spine as she watched Barack Obama be sworn in as President.  She said, "It's just a day I've been waiting to see come and I thank God that it doesn't matter your race, or gender that anybody can be what they choose to be, it's up to that individual to do what you want to do."

Al Yon says he vividly remembers watching his father cry the day Martin Luther King, Jr. died. Today, it's his turn to cry, not out of sadness, but of joy and hope. "One thing that comes to my mind is a black man with a black dad and a white mother can bring not only the country together, but the whole world together, so certainly we can come together here in Albany, GA."

 Panzer Hall said, "When I look at Barack Obama, I do see hope." Hope to lead all Americans to a brighter future.

The owner of Shabazz, Gordon Hall, helped register hundreds of people to vote last year in his restaurant.


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