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Volunteers clean up Albany for MLK Holiday

By Jim Wallace - bio | email
January 19, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Courtney Beach said she is glad to be out on a cold morning, cleaning up litter in the CME Albany neighborhood area.

Beach said "I went to high school right down the street, so I'm used to not seeing too much."

An Albany State University Student, Beach said service to her hometown was the right thing to do today.

Beach said "What better way to spend my Martin Luther King Day than volunteering."

ASU student Terrica Harper agreed that picking up trash on North Madison Street was the right thing to do to honor Dr. King's legacy.

 Harper said "To get out and help the community. I wouldn't be doing nothing but sleeping anyway, so it's something positive to do."

The Albany Police Department AmeriCorps Cadets organized this clean up effort, and a number of the Officers came out to show their support for their good works.

Deputy Chief Spencer Rozier said "I think it's great and I think it shows we do have young people who care about our community, and are willing to get involved."

The volunteers picked up trash in the CME, Williams Binns, and Dennis Homes areas of central Albany.  An area notorious for gang and drug activity. The Cadets hopes this clean up effort sends a message.

Rozier said "It sets an example to others, and also lets the criminals know that the community is involved and will not just sit by and tolerate the activities that are going on."

Beach said she was disappointed more Albany State University students had not come to help, and hoped more people will make next year's Dr. King Holiday a day of service.


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