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Carter wins Nobel Prize

October 11, 2002

(Oslo, Norway-AP) -- Former President Jimmy Carter says the Nobel Prize itself "encourages people to think about peace and human rights." The 39th president made the comments today in an interview with CNN after learning he had won the Nobel Prize.

He says his most significant work has been through the Carter Center -- an Atlanta-based think tank and activist policy center that he and his wife Rosalynn founded in 1982. The center celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Perhaps Carter's crowning achievement as president was the peace treaty he negotiated as president between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Premier Menachem Begin. Carter kept them at the Camp David presidential retreat for 13 days in 1978 to reach the accord, and Sadat and Begin shared the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel committee said Carter, who was in the White House from 1977 to 1981, did not share in the prize because he was not nominated in time. The secretive, five-member committee made its decision last week after months of secret deliberations as it sought the right message for a world still dazed by the September eleventh, 2001, terror attacks, the war on terrorism that followed and concern about a possible U.S. military strike against Iraq.

“I am deeply grateful for this honor,” Carter said. “I want to thank the Nobel Committee and the many people at The Carter Center who have worked side by side with me and my wife, Rosalynn to promote peace and human rights."

"People everywhere share the same dream of a caring international community that prevents war and oppression. During the past two decades, as Rosalynn and I traveled around the world for the work of our Center, my concept of human rights has grown to include not only the rights to live in peace, but also to adequate health care, shelter, food, and to economic opportunity."

"I hope this award reflects a universal acceptance and even embrace of this broad-based concept of human rights. This honor serves as an inspiration not only to us, but also to suffering people around the world, and I accept it on their behalf."

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