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111 Dougherty students make their way to D.C.

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

January 16, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One hundred and eleven Dougherty County middle and high school students will be a part of history Tuesday.

They're leaving at 4:00 Monday morning on a 13-hour, 800-mile trip to the nation's capitol for the Inauguration of Barack Obama. The trip was the students idea, and they raised the money to make it possible.

Students in Sara Nissinger's A.P. U.S. History class found it hard to concentrate, next week they'll "be" a part of history in Washington. Students initiated the trip to the inauguration in August, knowing it would be historic no matter who won.

"I'm hoping that many of them will find a way to get an internship on Capitol Hill and maybe one day work on Capitol Hill and you never know maybe one day one of these kids in the room could be the President of the United States one day," said Sara Nissinger, Monroe History Teacher.

Students worked hard to make the $70,000 trip possible, raising money through pancake breakfasts and candy sales. For many it will be their first trip out of Albany and the list of sites is long.

"I want to see the big statue of Abraham Lincoln and the big pool," said Amaya Scott, a Monroe Junior.

"For me it's the Capitol because going to D-C, I thought I would be something like when I get real old that I tried to do before I died, but I'm excited to see the Capitol. They keep talking about snow, being down here in Albany's it's only snowed like once since we were children," said bradley Floyd, a Monroe Junior.

Justin Prid's mother prepared the class for the bitter cold, crocheting scarfs and hats in the school's colors.

"That's just one of her hobbies, she just likes to crochet that's just something she does in her spare time," said Justin Prid, a Monroe Junior.

Students know this trip is a lot more than the sites, its given them hope for their futures.

"Being an African America boy you think that you cannot do or be a President when you grow up so, now since Obama's been President, it gives more hope to me becoming a President, or a Senator, or a lawyer or something like that," said Brandon Truytt, a Monroe Junior.

"You realize you can live your dream, there ain't no limit," said Prid.

They're dreams of seeing the new President sworn in come true Tuesday.

Twenty-five chaperones will also make the trip. The group plans to secure a spot early Tuesday along the parade route and then watch the Inauguration with millions of others from the mall.


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