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Animal group raises awareness of exposed pets

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

January  , 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A group of animal advocates are patrolling Albany alleys and roads, checking on animals that could be in distress in the extreme cold of the next few nights, and they are asking for your help.

They are asking you to speak up and take action for the helpless animals around your community. 

PACK member Linda Giles is riding alleys in Albany, looking for animals that could be in danger during the extreme freezing cold temperatures ahead.

PACK Founder Laurie Jenkins said "It's time for us to get angry.  We have got to that point now."

These are some of the dogs that members of PACK, which stands for Promoting attitudes alliances and actions consistent with kindness for all animals, have already rescued and are caring for.  But they know less fortunate animals will be left out to suffer through the arctic blast in the next nights. So many of their members are doing emergency patrols, looking for animals that will be helpless in the cold.

 "But particularly those that are chained with no visible signs of adequate shelter or water.  We need to know where they are," Jenkins said.

A good shelter with extra fresh hay or material for warmth is needed.

PACK members are on the lookout, but they say now is the time for other animal lovers like them to help.

They ask you to speak up for an animal you feel could be in distress....if a kind word to the owner does not work, they ask you call Animal Control.  There is an ordinance that requires pet owners to protect them.  

"Please be a good Samaritan for them.  They can't call," Jenkins said.

PACK members are patrolling and checking on animals they have been told about, and reporting them to animal control when needed.

They are asking animal lovers to do the same in their neighborhoods, because this weekend's cold will be that severe.  You can also contact PACK about animals that are neglected or in distress by writing them at Post Office Box 198 in Albany. 


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