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Lee commissioners consider Code Red System, truck route ordinance

By Len Kiese - bio | email

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Lee County could be going red. Commissioners are considering setting up an automated telephone system to alert people of severe weather.

The county has been approved for a FEMA grant to help out with the cost of a Code Red Emergency Notification System. Once residents register their phone numbers, the system would alert them of severe weather or any other emergency situation like a missing child or escaped inmate.

The system would cost about $23,000. The grant would pay half the first year. Commissioners will decide whether to accept the grant at their next meeting. Dougherty County put a similar system in place last year.

Truckers may soon have to avoid more than two dozen roads in Lee County. Commissioner Dennis Roland says some truck drivers are taking shortcuts through the county and leaving potholes and damage in their path.

To avoid the problem, he wants big trucks banned from 26 Lee County roads including Grave Springs, Oakland and Palmyra roads. "The state has little money for funding of highways and we certainly don't have it and it's just a good sense measure to keep them from tearing up our roads and to keep citizens from having to pay to have them serviced or worked," said Roland.

Signs would go up reflecting which roads would be prohibited to truck drivers. Commissioners will vote on the new truck route ordinance at their next meeting.

Also Tuesday night, commissioners chose Ed Duffy as Commission Chairman and new member Rick Muggridge as Vice Chairman.


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