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GEMA will leave Seminole County soon

October 9, 2002

Seminole County - Georgia Emergency Management Agency will be shutting down the disaster recovery center in Seminole County on Friday.

GEMA has been in Donalsonville since September 15th when Tropical Storm Hanna brought in too much rain. Seminole, Miller and Decatur counties were declared state disaster areas.

GEMA has more than $370,000 for Seminole County and $45,000 for Miller County, but did not have any reports of damage in Decautur County.

GEMA officials say their work has slowed down. GEMA official, Gary Rice, says, "We've been here helping coordinate volunteer agencies and working with people. We can take our day to day operations out of here and continue to follow up with county as long as we need to."

Small Business Administration and the American Red Cross will relocate next week to the Donalsonville Fire Department.

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