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Couple renews vows after 60 years

October 9, 2002

Moultrie- Six decades and six children later, Mimi and Van Platter are taking the plunge... again. The Moultrie couple married in 1942, and Wednesday they renewed their wedding vows.

"He planned it and he said I want to go out to Spence Field and have the ceremony where we were married before, so it was all his idea which is unusual," admits Mimi Platter.

Theirs is a marriage that almost wasn't. Van was stationed at what used to be Spence Field training base during World War II, and instead of getting sent away to fight, he stayed to train other pilots.

"I came here really to go to Georgia Tech. After that I really didn't know where the army was going to send us," adds Van Platter. Wednesday they stood in the same place they did six decades ago, but a lot changed since then.

The chapel where they married may be gone, but the aisle like their love, has stood the test of time. But the chapel isn't the only thing that has changed.

"The officers' club with a swimming pool and all that was over there. All of it has fallen off, it was all wood and came apart," describes Van.

But their love has not come apart. The two say they never fight but only disagree about one thing. "Occasionally the remote, we have two remotes and occasionally the channel is not the desired one," admits Mimi.

So what's the secret for keeping their love alive? They say the recipe is simple. "A sense of humor helps more than anything, but of course love first and then forgiveness. You have to forgive and then go on," adds Mimi.

A mixture that has never failed them and one they say never will. The couple is planning a black tie affair this weekend to celebrate their second marriage with family and friends.

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