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South Georgians are ready to fight Iraq

October 9, 2002

Albany- Now that President Bush is talking about using force on Iraq, everyone is talking about war -- including two South Georgia Congressmen who both support Bush's resolution that could lead to war.

"Let there be no mistake about it, as the number one target of Saddam Hussein's wrath, there is no question as to who these dangerous weapons would be used against: that is the United States and our friends," says Saxby Chambliss (R-GA).

"He possesses ballistic missiles with a range great enough to strike Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and other nations in the region where more than 135,000 Americans, civilians, and service personnel now work and live," adds Sanford Bishop (D-GA).

But what do others think. "Definitely, as far as I'm concerned just go over there , drop a bomb and walk away," says ex-marine Ray Brigham.

"We can't stand here and let them go over us, just run over us, we're going to have to stand up for ourselves," says Wayne Bankston.

"When we went over there the first time we should have finished the job, but we didn't so now we're going to pay for it," says Driskell Grady.

There are no final plans to use force on Iraq now but the U.S. House is expected to vote on the President's resolution Thursday.

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