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New creatures of Chehaw Park

October 9, 2002

Albany - Some creepy critters crawl into Albany. The Parks of Chehaw recently added some exotic invertebrates to its zoo family.

Chehaw Park now has two 10 inch African millipedes. They look scary, but they just eat plants. Unlike, the zoo's four new emperor scorpions and their venomous stingers. Or, the Chilean rose-hair tarantula.

The park also got a blue-tongue skink, native to Australia and two baby alligators. Chehaw Park hopes these misunderstood creatures will be the first of many more animals that come to the zoo.

"We hope to continue expanding our invertebrate exhibit," said Glenn Dobrogosz, Director. "They are amazing animals that kids love."

The new zoo residents are on display at the Park and are ready to head to local schools for educational visits.

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