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Regents meet at ABAC

October 8, 2002

TIFTON- For the first time since 1984, The University System's Board of Regents comes to Abraham Baldwin College in Tifton.

"Real pleased chancelor and his staff seeing the site first hand, and what we can do to improve." John Hunt, an ABAC alumnus, and one of the 16 Regents said.

They make the decisions that affect students at Georgia's 34 University system schools everyday. Twice a year, the Regents meet on campuses outside Atlanta.

"Important for them to see where their investment is going," ABAC President Mike Vollmer said.

Their agenda while in Tifton Tuesday and Wednesday, a busy one, but two issues are taking center stage.

"Thought important for regents and state to get a new view of Agriculture right now," Chancellor Tom Meredith said.

So leaders in the state's 56 billion dollar industry along with Instructors and students from several South Georgia colleges will give a presentation Wednesday. That the same day, the Regents will decide how to improve the University System's continuing education program.

"Georgia is woefully behind in terms of number of people have education beyond high school, continuing education gives us opportunity to get out to them," Meredith said.

Then after that some fun for the Regents on ABAC's campus, checking out student life, and the college's construction projects they'll be writing the checks for.

Wednesday, the Chancellor will also meet with the Presidents of South Georgia College and Valdosta State University as part of his Knowledge is Power tour.

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