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Candidates square off

October 8, 2002

Albany - Election day is four weeks from away. Tuesday night, voters in one state house district heard directly from the candidates who want their vote.

Republican Ed Rynders and Democrat Craig Mathis debated issues ranging from the state's water crisis to education. Rynders says Democrats in Atlanta want to take water from South Georgia. Mathis says democrats are fighting for a law that allows counties to share water with just one other county, eliminating the chance of Atlanta suburbs tapping into our water systems.

Rynders also criticized the Governor's Education Reform, while Mathis says the Governor is on the right track.

"Teachers should not be held accountable for unmanageable students, " said Ed Rynders. "Education reform should take place in the Principal's office, not at the Capital.

"We must continue with the Governor's education reform," said Craig Mathis. "We must also focus on bringing good jobs to South Georgia, not lowing paying jobs."

Candidates for State Commissioner of Agriculture, Public Service Commission, and Senate Seat 14 also took part in the forum sponsored by the Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

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