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Gaining financial freedom

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

January 10, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - When they got married Kenny and April Brown had no debt.

But since then they've racked it up and they're trying to pay it off.

The couple never really talked about finances

"I would make a $300 purchase and get home would just say April this is what I bought today, but it gets to a point where that's got to end," said Kenny Brown.

Things did change thanks to Financial Peace University a program offered by Leesburg First United Methodist Church.

"Financial Peace University helps people to live financial healthier lives," said Rev. Mike Lyons, Leesburg United Methodist.

The 13 week course teaches participants how to get out of debt.

The pastor here says most people already know what to do to be financially free, and the course helps them put it into action.

Dealing with cash and budgeting have taken hold in the Brown household.

"I do without going out to eat lunch do without doing things like that," said April Brown.

The Browns have paid off ten percent of their debt since starting the program and are passing that financial savvy to their children.

While helping to bail members out of debt Reverend Mike Lyons says a recent survey found close to 50 percent of church members plan to give more this year despite the economic situation.

"45 percent of those who expressed what they intend to give in 2009, are going to be giving ten percent and beyond, that's despite the current economic times," said Lyons. 

This family says Christmas 2008 was a bit different, because they didn't spend more than what they could afford.

They say thanks to the church and the course they're on their way to financial freedom.


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