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Russian farmers tour South Georgia

October 8, 2002

Dawson --Russian farmers and agricultural leaders are visiting South Georgia this month, to learn how our farmers grow crops and manage their agribusinesses.

11 Russian farmers and their interpreters will spend most of October in South Georgia, seeing how Georgia farmers do their jobs. The Russians were very interested in peanut machinery, and sample fields. Even though it's too cold in Russia to grow peanuts, they want to learn American farming techniques.

Tour facilitator Elena Goldberg said "These men are owners, like C.E.O.'s over the farming operations where they are from."

They will return to their homes and teach other farmers what they have learned.

Goldberg said "The farmers will teach how American farms are organized and the business practices they use." When they left Russia, winter snows were about to set in, so the hot weather and gnats are the first things they learned about South Georgia.

 But Sergy Kononenko says he is most impressed. "We like the way everything is so well organized, so well thought out. The way everything is so neat. Everyone is so friendly."

The Russian delegation is staying with host families, before heading back to Russia October 27th, hopefully with South Georgia farming knowledge that will help their country's agricultural efficiency.

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