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Mother left home and didn't return

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

January 9, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - What if one of your loved ones left home one day and didn't return, just vanished.

That's the ordeal an Albany family is dealing with.

Vicki Green, a wife and mother disappeared almost a week ago.

"We watch this type of stuff on television never thinking it would affect us," said Darrell Bryant, Green's Husband.

Bryant's wife has been missing since January 3rd, he and their four children have been restless ever since.

"She had some running around to do so I went to work early, and she dropped me off and then pulled off," said Bryant

Their children started to get worried Vickie didn't come home.   

"I received a phone call saying the kids are calling their grandmother asking where mom was," said Bryant

He hasn't been able to work since.

"Me I haven't been to work none this week," he said.

Bryant is taking care of the family while doing his best to find her.

"Me and her brothers we've been riding around the city showing people, some people saying they might have seen her," said Bryant.

They're trying to hold out hope despite the emotional toll of not knowing where she is.

"The kids are worried every time we hear a door open or something they're looking thinking it's her," said Bryant.

Police are still searching for leads.

"No one has actually seen her since," said Officer Steve Butler, Albany Police Department.

They hope someone out there knows here whereabouts.

"Mrs. Green dropped her husband off January third of this year and no one has seen her she was driving a 2002 Dodge Caravan which was silver in color," said Butler.

The family van has a red and white honor roll sticker on the hatch.    

"I don't have any transportation, I have to depend on asking people to drop the boys off at school, the girls they catch the bus and running errands, with for kids and me it's rough," said Bryant.

They all hope the rough times will soon end.

Police say there's no evidence of a crime, but they are investigating.

Vickie Green is 34-years-old, 5' 10" tall and 180 pounds.

If you've seen her or the van call Albany police.

The family is collecting reward money, you can reach them at (229) 420-5611


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