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Lee County dry wells mostly replenished

October 3, 2002

Lee County--When more than 50 wells went dry overnight in Lee County over the summer, people needed immediate relief. The relief came in the form of County assistance and good deeds by neighbors. Now, nearly two months later, most of the dry wells have been replenished, and Lee County emergency workers say they are developing a better plan to deal with the consequences of the drought.

Chris Rycroft uses water sparingly. That's because he was one of the lucky few in his neighborhood whose well did not go dry, "We've been very fortunate most people in the area wells dried up, my neighbors dried up." Lee County Fire Chief Joe Pollock says, "Lee County is notorious for flooding but sometimes we have the exact opposite with drought." In August more than 50 wells in neighborhoods off Lover's Lane in South Lee County went dry. Pollock says nearly all the wells have been repaired and in some cases new wells were dug, "What could have been a bad situation turned out pretty well."

It turned out pretty well because people with water were quick too help out their neighbors in need. Chris Rycroft says their is no other choice, "It's just something we have to face now cause the drought last 4-5 years its just taking a toll on us." And if the drought continues he thinks the time will soon come when he needs to ask his neighbors for help.

Lee County's emergency drought and flood plans are being updated. Fire Chief Joe Pollock says the lessons learned from the dry well episode are being incorporated into the new plans.

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