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Albany plans for future flooding

October 8, 2002

Albany - When flooding is predicted, Dougherty County will soon be know exactly where flood waters are headed and whether evacuations are needed. A new geographic study will help save lives and homes in the case of another Albany flood.

During the 1994 and 1998 floods, thousands of people were evacuated from the their homes, as leaders tried to predict where the flood waters would go. Now, Dougherty County planners and the United States Geographical Survey are designing a flood modeling plan.

The USGS, along with Georgia Tech, mapped the land around the Flint River. The maps show exactly where the flood waters will go according to how much rain we receive.

"The National Weather Service can warns us about the level of flooding. We can then look to the study to see where the flood waters will go and evacuate those living in that area. This program will be an excellent early warning system," said Tracy Hester, Interim Planning Director.

The study costs about $150,000. The USGS is paying $75,000, and the city and county are splitting the rest of the cost. The flood modeling plan should be complete in 2 years.

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