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Times running out and so are waivers for DTV converter box

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

January 08, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There's now a waiting list for anyone applying for federal coupons to pay for converter boxes ahead of the transition to digital television broadcasts and the time to get one of those coupons is also running out.

The waiting list for a coupon started Sunday when the 1.34 billion dollar funding limit set by Congress was met. There are 103,000 names on the waiting list. The only way to get a coupon now is to wait until unredeemed coupons currently in circulation expire. Store like Radio Shack warn customers they can't accept the coupons even if they're a date late in redeeming them.

"If they come in and it's one day expired we can not do anything with it, they have to reapply and the catch is once they've applied in their address they can no longer use that address again," said Martina Barkley, Radio Shack manager.

Thursday President-elect Barack Obama urged Congress to postpone the February 17th switch from analog to digital. For information about the converter boxes you can long onto our website at www.consumer.gov.


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