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South Georgians worry as gas prices rise

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

January 9, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  South Georgian say they are worried as they watch gasoline prices rising quickly in the New Year.

AAA Auto Club reports that average gasoline prices in the South have increased everyday in 2009.

January 1st the average gallon in Georgia was $1. 52. Today most pumps in Albany increased to $1.73 cents a gallon.

Dorothy Wright said as she filled up "It's up. Last week I was getting about $1.62 or $1.64. So I decided I would fill up before it goes any higher."

Jake Hornbuckle said "Here it is back up to $1.74. Looks like it is going to go back up to where we can't afford to go anywhere again."

Oil trader concerns about the Israel-Hamas fighting in Gaza and OPEC's plan to reduce production has pushed crude oil prices nearly $9  a barrel higher than last week.