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Sylvester Police seek info on phony check gang

By Jim Wallace - bio | email
January 9, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Sylvester Police are looking for businesses that may have been ripped off by a group of check counterfeiters.

They arrested a woman and two men from Albany for trying to cash a phony check in Sylvester.

Police are pretty sure there are other victims out there.  Maybe a lot of them.

Sylvester Police found seven phony checks when they arrested what they believe is an experienced counterfeit check ring from Albany. All the checks were for about 500 dollars and were supposedly from Beverly Healthcare in Tifton.

But Investigators say 27 year old Candra Wynn of Albany made those checks on her home computer. 34 year old Jimmy Harris and 35 year old Darry Love were with her in Sylvester when Police caught them.

Sylvester Poilce Department Chief Alfred H. Anderson said " They were just leap frogging different cities to see what they could get by with. They cash one here, go to the next city and cash another."

But Investigators say when Wynn tried to pass a phony check at the Snipes Piggly Wiggly Christmas Eve, the manager called them. Officers stopped their car quickly, and found Love tearing up the checks.

 Anderson said "One of them in the back seat was attempting to destroy the checks. I don't know why. What they thought they were going to do with it."

Officers also found two other stolen checks taken from the mail. The three confessed, and were charged with forgery and possesion of stolen checks.

 Anderson said "They produce these checks, thinking everybody is naive. And not just stay in the Albany area, but got out of Albany to surrounding counties and cities to pass off these fakes. This is the way they make money."

Sylvester Police Investigators are now asking other South Georgia businesses that may have accepted counterfeit checks from this group to give them the information.  Because they think there could be many others.

Anderson said "In today's computer age, and programming equipment that is out there, you can reproduce a check that looks like the real thing. And a lot of them do get by."

Investigators say the Christmas Holidays, when stores are busy, is a favorite time for crooks to pass counterfeit checks.

All three of the suspects have been released on bond.

If you have any information about the counterfeit check suspects, call the Sylvester Police Department at 229-776-8500.


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