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Drug arrests in Coffee County

October 7, 2002


Coffee County drug agents flew over the county looking for pot and found 105 marijuana plants on land used for hunting in the Southeastern part of the county.

Friday night, just outside Douglas, they seized 77- grams of cocaine, $3,500 in cash, and a 32-calibur revolver.

Then Saturday night, they busted a meth lab operating out of an abandoned warehouse in Northeastern Coffee County. They found everything needed for a meth lab and caught a man filling a tank with anhydrous ammonia.

"We want to stop the drug problem, it's just like mowing the grass, you might not be able to get rid of it, but you can always cut it," Sheriff Rob Smith said.

 35-year old Johnny Blevins is charged with possesion and manufacturing of meth. 35-year old Christopher Lester is charged with drug trafficking for the cocaine. So far, no one has been charged for growing the marijauna.

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