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Building naming draws supporters

October 7, 2002

Albany - The naming of the new Dougherty County Central Square Government Complex continues to spark controversy. Several people confronted county commissioners on Monday, urging them to reconsider naming the building after the late Johnny Johnson, Jr.

In 1976, Johnson won a federal desegregation order against the city of Albany. The victory changed the city's hiring practices forever.

Last month, commissioners voted down racial lines to deny a request from Johnson's family to name the building in his honor.

"If commissioners decide to name this building after Johnson, they will be sending a message to the youth of Albany. A message that they realize the racial inequality that was present in the past and that they want to recognize a man who fought to make this city a better place," said supporter Cavene King.

Commissioners didn't take any action on Monday, but can hold another vote on the issue if they choose.

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